Hello there!

I’m Michael Hillman (simply “Hillman” to the majority of my friends). I was born and bred in the south east of England, and am a qualified Computer Programmer interested in creating innovative software products, intuitive user interfaces & gaming applications. Graduating from the University of Brighton with a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science (Games), I now spend the majority of my time working on personal projects that focus on User Experience & Design, Graphical Interfaces, Data Visualisation, and various aspects of the software development world.

In my spare time I also like to poke around in Photoshop/Illustrator, read a wide variety of books, play video games, listen to some terrible music (I will never apologise for my awful music taste), and keep up to date with current affairs and new advances in the technology world.

Moving away from Sussex to Cambridgeshire, I now work as a full-time Senior Software Engineer for a small, but successful, software house & consultancy. Here I help to provide innovative solutions to the automotive, energy, powertrain, and chemical engineering industries. Whilst I handle the majority of the office’s network administration, technical documentation, and customer support, my main role is working with my team to design and develop intuitive desktop applications, driver couplings, and data visualisations for our chemical simulation solvers and statistics toolkits.


About the Site

This site primarily exists for my personal use as a repository for software projects, technique examples, documentation of theory, and general software design thoughts. You are however welcome to browse the site and take inspiration from any of my  work/ramblings. Please note that all of the work on this site is protected under UK Copyright Law. Any work where modification or distribution is permitted will be clearly marked as such.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions, please contact Michael via the contact page here.


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