Splash texts are the italic lines of text under the main site title. When enabled, they often feature references to popular culture (e.g. websites, films, quotes, and video games) and aim to lighten up the site a little, providing an interesting Easter Egg for return visitors.

If the user has visited the site before,  there is a 50% chance that a splash text will be shown instead of the regular site description. These splash texts are randomly chosen from the list (as defined in splash.php) below.


Now only 1% sugar
Pure, 100% unfiltered, uncut ramblings
Always pull your Git branches before pushing
Sweet and savoury food should never mix
As seen on TV!
Now with less nasty, big, pointy teeth
Come with me if you want to live
Ha ha ha, you think this is the real Quaid?… It is!
Kiss your Dad square on the lips
Pobody’s Nerfect!
Ceci n’est pas une website
Great Job!
Horses are basically just two people
Fission Mailed
Metal Gear!?
Get out of my brain LIQUID!
There is a hole in your mind…
So say we all!
La Le Lu Le Lo
What’s up, you cool baby?
Do a barrel roll!
There are some who call me… Tim
Finger licking good!
Come on and slam, welcome to the jam
Special limited edition!
Made in the United Kingdom
Now with additional stuff!
That’s Numberwang!